Combo: Unravelling Your Trauma & Planning for a Healing Birth


What’s Included:

Get the combined benefits of the Unravelling Your Trauma Session AND Planning for a Healing Birth.

Session 1: Unravelling Your Trauma

  • Duration: 2-hours (but we take as long as we need)
  • First vital step on your healing journey
  • Understand what happened and why
  • Discuss tools for healing
  • Support to release residual guilt about baby’s arrival and bonding struggles
  • Leave empowered with new knowledge and insights
  • Filled with hope for a smoother path to resolve trauma
  • Expect a follow-up email within 48 hours
  • Email includes key healing steps and discussed resource links

Session 2: Planning for a Healing Birth

  • Session Duration: 2-3 hours (typically around 2.5 hours)
  • Address fears affecting perception of upcoming birth.
  • Explore necessary steps for a healing, positive, and empowering birth.
  • Follow-up email within 48 hours with healing steps and resource links


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