Hi! My name is Alida
I am a Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula and Counsellor!
I am a wife and mother of three energetic boys! For as long as I can remember, I have been called into this space of supporting the journey of pregnancy, birth and early parenting.
I have a mixed skillset meaning I can provide individualised support to meet your specific needs. My intention in my work is to walk alongside birthing people and their support person(s) to empower them through education, physical and emotional support to be able to have access to the information they need to advocate for their needs - irrespective of what those needs are.
I would love to meet for a coffee to learn more about how I might be able to support you!
What People Say
I invited Alida to attend the birth of my daughter recently and I cannot rave enough about her. Throughout the lead-up, labour and birth I always felt supported, listened to and that she had my back. She made herself very available to chat through my birth plan and was very adaptable when plans changed... several times! During labour, she was a big emotional and practical support for both me and my husband. I would highly recommend Alida to anyone considering hiring a doula.

It’s hard to explain how grateful I am to have had Alida attend the births of two of my babies. From woman to woman emotional & physical support, to stepping in when my partner needed a break, to helping with birth pool set up and so much more. She has helped to ensure my experiences were as special and positive as possible.

It was such a relief having Alida there for the birth of my daughter. Incredibly thoughtful, honouring and supportive, as soon as she arrived she started helping decorate the room, which freed me up to focus on being with my wife. Calm and encouraging throughout labour and birth, Alida was an absolute treasure, and a treasured member of our birth team! Thank you so much for being there.

From a Childbirth Education Class:

“Alida’s care for babies shines through. Overall, she did a great job of validating the variety of parenting choices people can make.”

“Plenty of usable information and hammering home that we are in control”

“Friendly environment, no judgement!”



From an Unravelling Your Trauma Session:

“This session was so healing for me in telling my story and having my experiences validated. I definitely have a new perspective on the strength of my body and spirit throughout the birth experience. Really grateful.”


From a Childbirth Education Class:

“By providing me lots of information on lots of different topics, and telling me that it is my decision and choice always!”

“Able to ask any questions, she gave great referrals to sources that could help.”

“I was unsure about everything pregnancy/birth related before the classes, I’m a lot more confident in what I’m doing now!”


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